(Kairon Reflexology school Sweden)

Reflexology for all ages, and the climate for alternative health in Sweden 2023

Language: English

Country: Sweden

Date and Time (Local): 19 September 2023 – 13H00


When growing up I was raised with alternative medicine, already early in life I got a holistic view on our health. If we experience pain, it’s not because we lack drugs. My mother became a reflexologist,
taught by Karl Axel Lind, the founder of the school I’m running. When I was in my teens she gave me my very first reflexology treatment.

Through life I have had periods of great stress. I have my own experience of getting back to health from disease. After healing with the help from alternative medicine myself the idea took form, how
can I help others to a better life quality? I became a massage-therapist, working as such gave me the insight that it was a lot of my clients’ conditions that I could not help. The choice of further
education fell on Kairons whole body reflexology, with the view that Physical and Psychological health is forever intertwined. Since then I work with reflexology 100%. Today I’m passionate about
spreading knowledge about the healing power of reflexology on both a physical, mental and emotional level.


Body Harmony-therapist 1993
Psychology, Lunds Universitet 1993
Certified massage-therapist 1995
Infant massage-instructor 1995
Kairon reflexologist 2002
Graduated Kairon teacher 2005
Microbiology, Uppsala Universitet, 2020-2021
And a good amount of shorter courses regarding diet and nutrition.


Reflexology for all ages, and the climate for alternative health in Sweden 2023