Reflexology is not only a field of service, but it is also about a variety of ways within reflexology that we can serve.

One way to serve, that we all do, is to provide aid or help as we assist those we work on to better health.

A second way is to work for an ideal or to work to accomplish something bigger than ourselves and our special interests. This is accomplished through the donation of one’s time, energy, and finances for the greater good of the field.

At each biennial conference, ICR takes the opportunity to honor those who serve in an outstanding way.


The Hall of Fame is an opportunity for ICR to honour Reflexologists who have made a lasting contribution to the growth and development of Reflexology.

The recipients of this nomination are held in high regard in the Reflexology profession and have dedicated their life to promoting Reflexology.

Past recipients include:

William H Fitzgerald    Joe Shelby Riley   Eunice D. Ingham

Mildred Carter   Doreen E. Bayly    Hanna Marquart

Hang Xiongwen    Dwight Byers    Josef Eugster

William (Bill) Flocco     Christine Issel      Beryl Crane

Dr Martine Faure Alderson


Research is one-way Reflexology will advance and eventually become a credible profession. An important area of research is to validate and bring credibility to Reflexology by exploring how it works through research conducted following rigorous scientific standards.

2019 – Geraldine Villeneuve

2017 – Abbigail Langstone-Wring

2015 – Sally Kay

2011 – Dr. Gwen Wyatt, Ph.D. & Barbara Brower

2009 – Dr. Jesus Manzanares

2007 – Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson

2005 – Dr. Marc Piquemal

1999 – Hazel Goodwin

1997 – China Reflexology Association

1995 – Leila Eriksen

1993 – FDZ, Danish Association of Reflexologists

1992 – Sandi Rogers

1991 – Bill Flocco & Terrence Olsen

The Ollie Bailey Service award is named in honor of Ollie Bailey who served on the ICR Board from 1991-1996 and was the conference convener at the Vancouver conference in 1995. Ollie passed away unexpectedly after the conference. To honor her dedication and service an award was named for her.

2019 – Betty Hult

2017 – Leila Eriksen

2015 – Mari Ogino

2013 – Yvette Eastman

2011 – Russell McAllister

2007 – Dee Leamon, Sharon Stathis, & Marion Bond

2003 – W. Eugen Dietrich

1997 – Beryl Crane

This award is presented to an individual in recognition and honour of his/her significant contribution to reflexology as a volunteer, giving generously of their time and knowledge to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the world.

2019 – Lorraine Senior

2017 – Birgit Nagel

2015 – Gina Stewart

2011 – Betsy Keating

2009 – Ignacio ‚ÄúNachi‚ÄĚ Sanchez

1997 – Samuel Zidel, Israel; Kathy Rea

This award is presented to a deserving individual in the host country of the conference. Eunice Ingham is acknowledged around the world as the mother of reflexology. She was a pioneer who devoted her life to developing reflexology and taking it across the United States. From there it has spread to every corner of the globe helping people to better health naturally.

2019 – Mary Reimann

2017 – Sophie Lin

2015 – Jennie Levick

2013 – Maggie Roux

2011 – Paul Rude

2007 – Heather Edward

2005 – Wil ten Ham

2003 – Monica Marsh

1999 – Bill Flocco

1997 – Tony Porter

1993 – Trevor Steele

1992 – Benjamin Gram

1992 – Fr. Josef Eugster


This award is presented to an individual who has dedicated their time to sharing their extensive knowledge and skill in the field of reflexology.

2019 – Fr Josef Eugster

2017 – Hagar Basis

2009 – Hanne Marquardt

2007 – Hanne Marquardt

2006 – Thijis Versteegh

1992 – Dwight Byers


ICR Members can submit nominations via email at membership@icr-reflexology.org.

Nominations must include a photograph and a short biography of the nominee.
Nominations must be received by ICR no later than May 31st of each conference year.