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TIME: 13H00 to 14H30 (NEW YORK EST)




Alison Rippin is a top business, health and wellness professional who has built three successful reflexology businesses. For over 25 years she has been blessed to be able to follow her passion, having a successful private practice, onsite corporate reflexology team, as well as teaching and operating her own Reflexology school, the Canadian Reflexology School. She has had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring hundreds of national and international practitioners in the steps to becoming a more successful reflexologist.

Alison has lectured and led business workshops at national and international events. She hosts the free private Facebook group, Reflexology Business Strategies, that is completely focused on the business of reflexology and serves reflexologists worldwide. In addition, she has written articles and empowering business tools and programs. Alison has developed a powerful body of work through the years and she is highly committed to helping others successfully do the same!

From COVID Chaos to Business Bliss

At a global level, these past nine months have definitely challenged our reflexology business operations! Collectively we have experienced various restrictions, lockdowns, re-opening, revised restrictions and lockdowns again …  all of which have impacted our practices and revenue on many levels. This pandemic has turned things upside down and we are definitely being asked to do business differently, yet as hands-on therapists many practitioners have been faced with determining exactly how to adapt to this new norm.

During my presentation I will be providing a variety of business strategies for how practitioners can navigate this new landscape which will transform the way to work with clients and continue to be of service to them.  It’s critical we stay in front of our clients. They are depending on us, they need us, and I’ll show you how we can show up in new ways that will benefit our clients and our businesses. These are extraordinary times and these are also the times that business owners are built for!


Reflexologists around the world are being called to rise and do their greatest work ever on a global level and help the people heal; heal from the stress, anxiety, isolation and everything in between.  If you are ready to learn how to pivot and get creative in how we move forward as business owners, join me on December 10th.



Birgit has been serving private clients, corporates and those in the community since 2007.  She has been offering trauma-sensitive integrative care since obtaining a 40 hour certification in 2016.  In March 2019 Birgit graduated from a 300-hour certification (TCTSY) from the Center for Trauma and Embodiment.

Her specialties include: chair yoga and Reflexology.   Birgit has worked in harm reduction (opioids) with 9/11 first responders, refugees in Vienna, those impacted by Hurricane Sandy and in Asia with the Reflexology Volunteer Program/RVP.

She was involved in New York State legislative matters, World Reflexology Week with her local association (NYSRA) and has been an ICR Director since 2017.

Recipient of multiple awards, Birgit founded two reflexology initiatives (now trauma-informed): Your Reflexology Break and One Minute Reflexology for Animals/ICR Paws for the public, reflexologists and in support of our animal friends in crisis.

During the current crisis, Birgit has facilitated with CFTE and CRREW by offering small weekly trauma-sensitive chair yoga/reflexology sessions to support those interested in trauma-sensitive care.  She also organized a 3-hour intro to the TCTSY method for reflexologists and other integrative care practitioners prompted by the pandemic.

“TCTSY is liberating for both participant and facilitator”

Trauma-Informed Reflexology: A brief & Experiential Introduction

Everyone can benefit from trauma-sensitivity in reflexology and from trauma-sensitivity in general.

  • A very brief look at the science behind trauma-sensitivity as per the Center for Trauma and Embodiment.
  • Demo/experiential trauma-sensitive reflexology.

After discussing with her supervisor a main focus for her final paper for the 300-hour yoga-based TCTSY* certification was trauma sensitivity in reflexology for humans and animals.  She is sharing about her thoughts and findings why the methodology invites itself for use in Reflexology based on practical experience.

*TCTSY: The Center for Trauma and Embodiment (CFTE, formerly Trauma Center) developed an evidence-based methodology for complex trauma/PTSD referred to as Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY).  This method has been applied to Weightlifting, Re-scripted (play, theatre and movement)and Craniosacral Therapy and Reflexology.

CFTE is a resource for innovators with trauma-informed, body-first ideas for new trauma treatments.

The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI is committed to gender and racial equity.


 COST: US$15 for ICR Members and US$25 for non-members 


Registration will close on the 8th December 2020