ICR is reaching around the world with an initiative to have an ICR Coordinator in all countries where reflexology is practiced. This large team of country representatives now totals 54 coordinators with more countries joining each day.

These representatives are the first-line of contact to ICR within their respective countries. They support ICR in organizational tasks, in the coverage of social media and public relations in their languages, and in the development of networks and partnerships with national and regional reflexology institutions in their country. 

 Although they come from different cultures and continents, they all share the same goal of bringing reflexologists together and creating a worldwide network that will allow reflexology to go further and help reflexologists around the world.

 This project started in 2020 after World Reflexology Week and the pilot project was developed together with several Ibero-American countries. Today, a year later, this project includes reflexologists from all over the world. The 4 official languages are English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and all countries are allocated into groups according to time zone and language.

 To learn more, visit our Country Coordinators page.


ICR continues to keep reflexologists around the world in touch through our online Teacher Conferences.  To date we have hosted 4 online Teacher Conferences in English, Spanish and French.  The teachers participating in the meetings represent more than 25 countries.

If you are a teacher and want to be part of this exciting initiative join ICR today as a Teacher Member.