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ICR is reaching around the world with an initiative to have an ICR Coordinator in all countries where reflexology is practiced. This large team of country representatives now totals 54 coordinators with more countries joining each day.

These representatives are the first-line of contact to ICR within their respective countries. They support ICR in organizational tasks, in the coverage of social media and public relations in their languages, and in the development of networks and partnerships with national and regional reflexology institutions in their country. 

 Although they come from different cultures and continents, they all share the same goal of bringing reflexologists together and creating a worldwide network that will allow reflexology to go further and help reflexologists around the world.

 This project started in 2020 after World Reflexology Week and the pilot project was developed together with several Ibero-American countries. Today, a year later, this project includes reflexologists from all over the world. The 4 official languages are English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and all countries are allocated into groups according to time zone and language.

 To learn more, visit our Country Coordinators page.


Are you planning to Celebrate ICR WRW ?

WRW 2021 will be from the 20th to the 26th of September.

It will be a week dedicated to reflexology with the commitment of “Keeping Reflexologists Around the World in Touch”.

This year WRW will be immediately after the ICR Online International Conference – 18th and 19th of September.

We would very much like to repeat the success of WRW 2020 and for that we count on the participation of everyone – reflexologists, teacher associations, academie, students etc. Instead of a mega event, why not create local events, supported by ICR and its Country Coordinators, because together we can promote greater public awareness of reflexology around the globe.

You may promoting Reflexology through conferences, local lectures, discounted sessions and free mini-sessions and open days to various groups and volunteer associations – in hundreds of localities and hopefully, in a neighborhood near you.

If you can plan at least one activity and schedule it sometime during the last week of September, you can be part of this global awareness.

To help promote World Reflexology Week, ICR has developed a package that will help you create and market your event.

Please remember to include the ICR WRW logo on your promotional material for your event.

Do you know that WRW was the brain child of ICR President, Bill Flocco, who developed the program including all the information, graphics and handouts. In 1999 the Governor of the State of Hawaii proclaimed the last full week of September as World Reflexology Week.

Now 22 years later this ICR initiative continues to be celebrated by organisations and individuals around the globe.


ICR Conferences are held every second year with the last one being in Anchorage Alaska, USA in 2019.

This year as with all such events it is being held online.

6 speakers, all of whom are experts in their fields will speak about Reflexology & Trauma.

But the conference will be much more. You will have the  opportunity to interact with the speaker, attend to book launch sessions and meet the newly appointed ICR Country Coordinators.

More informations in our Conference page.


 March 8 is International Women’s Day.

ICR created “International Women’s Week” because one day is not enough to talk about how reflexology can help women in each of the most important phases of their lives.

From March 7 to 13, 2021, we will have a round table, several presentations in Portuguese and Spanish, and the opportunity to learn techniques to work on some specific conditions that affect women, related to fertility and sexuality.

Join us for this week dedicated to Women

Watch our page ICR Presentations page for details regarding dates of the presentations and other information.


21 to 27 September 2020

 ICR invites you to celebrate WRW 2020 with us

 As an international organization ICR is committed to ”Keeping Reflexologists Around the World in Touch”

 ICR will be hosting Reflexology presentations (via Zoom Meetings) from Monday 21st to Friday 25th September. Each presentation will be in a different language and there will be two presenters for each language.

The topic is: Reflexology and the Immune and/or Nervous System.

We look forward to sharing WRW with you.

Watch our page WRW 2020 for details regarding dates of the presentations and other information.


ICR continues to keep reflexologists around the world in touch through our online Teacher Conferences.  To date we have hosted 4 online Teacher Conferences in English, Spanish and French.  The teachers participating in the meetings represent more than 25 countries.

If you are a teacher and want to be part of this exciting initiative join ICR today as a Teacher Member.

Nov 28, 2019

The ICR Website is now using Google Translate which allows members all over the world access to information on our site. Select your language in the top right corner of the page and explore the site.
Like other online translation tools, Google Translate isn’t perfect but it does have a good reputation for accuracy. We, therefore, advise that you use it with caution. It is a great tool for casual browsing but caution must be taken on relying on the translation for official publication.


Jun 12,2020

ICR is excited to announce that we have introduced a NEW Membership Category. Teachers will now be able to join ICR under the Teachers Category which will entitle them to the following benefits:

Access to join the online Teacher’s Meetings that are currently held in English, Spanish and French

Be part of the Initiative – Common Reflexology Definition

Exclusive access to the Teacher’s Page on the ICR Website

Find inspiration, information and facts in the ICR quarterly newsletters

Communicate with reflexologists from around the world to stay up to date with what is happening on a global level to share with your students

Access to global statistics on Educational Standards

Share your knowledge and Case Studies with your colleagues

Participate in World Reflexology Week, an ICR initiative

Have articles published in the ICR Newsletter

Participate in exciting ICR Projects

Discounted Conference fees

ICR is in the process of setting up the Category on our website and will advise as soon as it is ready for online registration.

Jan 27,2020

Después de la primera Conferencia Internacional de Profesores de Reflexología, que fue un éxito tendrá lugar el 22 de Marzo entre las 17:00 GTM y las 21:00 GTM la Conferencia Internacional de Profesores de Reflexología en español.

Será una Conferência Ibero Amreicana com profesores de Espanhã, Portugal, Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguai e México.

La conferencia es una cooperación entre ICR (Internacional Council of Reflexologists) y Definition, con el apoyo de ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board).