To help promote World Reflexology Week, please read through and use the following items within this package developed for you by the International Council of Reflexologists.

Documents are available for you to print from your computer.


Getting Started

Explanation of WRW, why you should get involved and 3 steps to promoting yourself locally.

Global awareness

List of activities and
events you can use to
promote WRW


Explaining World
Reflexology Week

sample news release

Sample of how to write
a news release.

News Release

Blank news release letterhead
to print your news release on.

WRW Poster

Post this in your community
to promote your event or discount

WRW Event Worksheet

Worksheet to guide you
in planning your event.

WRW Logo Usage

ICR’s World Reflexology
Week logo and usage guide.

WRW Coupons

Event and discount coupons
to print out and use.