Reading the feet during adulthood, specifically during preconception

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

Date and Time (local): 19 September 2023- 19H00



Angela has been a therapist since 1987 and a reflexologist since 1992, qualifying with the Bayly School of Reflexology.

She began studying the significance of the appearance of feet 10 years ago from the perspective of Ingham method reflexology and Western A&P. She calls this Visual
Reflexology to distinguish it from other ways of foot reading which predominantly use modalities besides reflexology.

Angela has been running CPD workshops for the last eight years teaching Visual Reflexology to reflexology students and practitioners and providing consultancy to schools in the UK
who have introduced the use of visual assessments as part of their foundation level reflexology training.

She has written a book on the subject ‘Visual Reflexology and Foot Reading’ and provides free resources for study of the subject within the reflexology community as author of the open access Visual Reflexology blog ‘Feet of the Month’ and the Visual Reflexology Facebook group.

As well as her work in promoting the study of the visual aspect of reflexology, she continues to run a busy practice in London UK.


This presentation is on reading the feet during adulthood, specifically during preconception, looking for visual indications at the reflexes of issues that may be a challenge to successful
conception (and also potentially carrying to term) for the woman.

The presentation will start with a brief synopsis of the theory behind Visual Reflexology, explaining how cells representing each physiological system of the body are found in the skin and how visible changes in them at the reflexes show us how the equivalent cells in the body have changed accordingly. It will be explained how we need to look, not just at the appearance of individual reflexes, but also the appearance of areas of the feet to see how areas of the body are being impacted by systemic imbalances and how this knowledge can be used specifically whilst treating clients who are looking to conceive.

It will be explained, how holistically, every physical issue is replicated on an emotional level, e.g. signs of physical inflammation show us there are also inflamed emotions such as anger or irritation related to the area of the body on which they are found. The best technique(s) to use depending on which condition is visible at a reflex/reflex area will also be covered  during the presentation.