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ERR gives professional Reflexologists a unique and impactful technique to help clients to overcome emotional pain and trauma.

There are Reflexology-techniques known which deal with not only the physical effects, but with the effects on the emotional level as well. But I haven’t found a method, which works with such analytical steps giving the client the freedom to make contact with her/his subconscious, without any interpretation or anticipation of the working Reflexologist.

Since I developed this method, I can only refer to my own experience and those reported on by my students, who work with the method. I have also some written case study feedbacks from clients

Effects of hidden fears and suppressed trauma on human’s physical and emotional health.
How to avoid stressful effects for the client, working on the emotional level.

Since my interest in a person, her soul and heart was always the center of my work, I was surprised to discover that through touching the reflex-areas I did not only touch the body but also my clients emotions, mostly hidden and painful emotions which were suppressed for a long time, operating unconsciously.

Adding skills and experience in other therapeutic techniques, a method which combines the touch of the reflex-areas with verbal and other techniques to help those subconscious items to be memorized in a sheltered environment was developed.

With great sensitivity, respect and knowledge the ERR enables us to help our clients to release the painful experience and overcome them and become connected again to his or her very own resources, which also means to be able to feel joy and happiness and develop a strong personality after those trauma and painful experience became released .

You are very welcome to experience more about this work at the ICR Online Conference in September 2021.