Reaching the subconscious through reflexology and coping with repressed issues

Language: English

Country: Germany

Date and Time (Local): To be confirmed


Already during her studies in pedagogy at the FU Berlin, Helga DittmannĀ  started dealing with reflexology on the feet, inspired by the book "Stories that the feet tell" by
Eunice Ingham. Another inspiration was a first lecture by Hanne Marquardt, also at the Free University in Berlin Dahlem.

1984 she acquired basic skills from a naturopath near Munich and attended training in foot-, hand- and ear-reflexology at the American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles in 1987. In collaboration
with her instructor Bill Flocco, she developed professional training in foot-, hand-, and ear-reflexology over the next few years. Since then, she has trained numerous reflexologists* and
attended several continuing education courses in reflexology herself. She soon discovered, that not only the body reacts to the stimuli on the reflex zones, but also the psyche.

With the previous knowledge from her studies and further qualifications, such as naturopath, systemic family coach, stress management trainer and hypno-therapist, she developed the method
of Emotional Release Reflexology, which she successfully uses, presents and teaches internationally. In May 2023 she edited her first book about the Emotional Release Reflexology.


The method of ERR (Emotional Release Reflexology) is a wonderful tool to reach beyond the body to the soul of our clients and thus accompany them to become and stay healthy in body and soul.
It is my concern and pleasure to pass on what I have been given to my colleagues in order to be able to help as many people as possible who are looking for our support.

In the presentation on the topic of ERR at the ICR Online Conference in 2021 my focus was on how emotional events and traumas in a person's individual development manifest themselves in their
body and may make them physically and emotionally ill. I have also pointed out that reflexology, in addition to its effect on the body, has an effect on the psyche and our emotions.

Supported by a video I gave a first insight into the techniques we use in ERR to let repressed experiences become conscious again, so that they can then be processed.

In this presentation 2023 I would like to go into more detail about how reflexology is applied and combined with other techniques to have access to unconscious content and how we work with it in
the next step to overcome what is burdening the client.

In addition, I will talk about how we as reflexologists can give our clients the space to recognize solutions for themselves. Because it often is much more difficult to ask a person the right question at
the right moment that will give her an insight instead of giving my opinion and advice.

This requires special qualification of the reflexologist, which I will also address in my presentation.

Finally, I will talk about the attentive and responsible application of the method and answer questions of the audience.