21 to 27 September 2020

2020 marked the 21st anniversary of WRW and to celebrate, ICR planned the largest WRW celebration to date.

ICR hosted 21 online presentations, in 15 different languages, with 41 presenters speaking on Reflexology and the Nervous and/or Immune System.

The interest from Reflexologists around the world was overwhelming and made us realise how important it is to be able to connect reflexologists from around the world together. A total of 723 Reflexologists took part in the presentations.

The presentations were as follows:

Presentation 1: 21 September: Spain (Spanish) – Isabel Pérez Broncano and Rafi Tur Cabacho

Presentation 2: 21 September: Argentina (Spanish) – Rosana Minguillon and Mexico DF (Spanish) – Claudia Chavez Romero

Presentation 3: 22 September: Switzerland (French) – Isabelle Moinon and Benin (French) – Jacques Gbadessi

Presentation 4: 22 September: Montreal Canada (French) – Carol Faguy and Dyane Thèriault

Presentation 5: 23 September: Greece (Greek) – Rena Stravelakis and Dana Gavriilidout

Presentation 6: 23 September: Brasil (Portuguese) – Claudia Rosana Santos and Zilda Vieira de Souse

Presentation 7: 23 September: Portugal (Portuguese) – Maria Idalina Marques and Uruguay (Portuguese) – Maurico Kruchik

Presentation 8: 24 September: United Kingdom (English) – Lorraine Senior and Lynne Booth

Presentation 9: 24 September: USA (English) – Geraldine Villeneuve and Canada (English) – Ildiko Zambo

Presentation 10: 25 September: Sri Lanka (Sinhalese) – Dr Cyril Anthony and Gayathree Nayanajeehwi

Presentation 11: 25 September: Germany (German) – Helga Dittman and Stephanie Sabounchian

Presentation 12: 24 September: Italy (Italian) – Orlando Volpe and Giorgio Cusin

Presentation 13: 24 September: Norway (Norwegian) – Arve Fahlvik and Sweden (Swedish) – Arne Hamburg

Presentation 14: 21 September: Romania (Romanian) – Adriana Caravade

Presentation 15: 25 September: Taiwan (Taiwanese/Chinese) – Sophie Lin and Johannes Hu

Presentation 16: 23 September: Australia (English) – Sharon Stathis and Greta Spiegel

Presentation 17: 22 September: Turkey (Turkish) – Nedim Kurtic and Halil Tabur

Presentation 18: 25 September: Japan (Japanese) – Mari Ogino and Reiko Tomino

Presentation 19: 25 September: Argentina (Spanish) – Alicia López Bianco and Eleonora Blaiñ

Presentation 20: 25 September: Indian (Hindi) – JR Anil Jain and JR Shilpa Jain

Presentation 21: 21 September: Israel (Hebrew) – Yochi Keshet and Efrat Akiva

ICR would like to thank all the speakers who presented and all the participants who took part in the presentations. It was very special to be able to share WRW with so many people from all around the world and in their own languages.