Birgit Nagele (USA) has been an active member of New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA) for years and is involved in legislative work.

She was NYSRA Member of the Year in 2012 for relief work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Birgit has coordinated WRW events and written related articles for reflexology newsletters.

She has extended her work to India (via RVP) and to refugees in her native Austria while working in New York with private clients, corporate, outreach, caregivers (of terminally ill children), animal rescues. Birgit has also volunteered with 9/11 survivors and she has taken part in the ICR Reflexology Volunteer Programme in Taiwan in 2017.

While she is very serious about Reflexology she also likes to have fun with it; with the help of fellow reflexologists she re-enacted "the Egyptian Tomb Painting".