Director and Secretary: António Vaz (Portugal)

António began his studies in Reiki in 2003. After much searching to find schools that teach Reflexology he began his studies at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in 2004 with 50 hours, which was clearly not enough time. Shortly afterwards he joined the Institute of Integrated Reflexology, Emidio Carvalho, and completed his 500 hours training. Since then António has not stopped, he has studied with Mauricio Kruchick and completed training in ‘Reflexology in pregnancy and childbirth preparation’, ‘Reading toes and lifestyle’, better known as ‘Observation Dynamics’, ‘Reflexology puerperium’ and ‘Reflexology child’ with Inojosa Angeles.

With a thirst for knowledge he met Lone Sorensen in 2010 when Facial Reflexology was introduced to Portugal. António developed close ties with Lone and assisted with developing and translating course material into Portuguese, in order to start the training and lectures in Facial Reflexology.

António has devoted much of his time to the study of Infant Reflexology, especially with a case study of his own daughter. In conjunction with an otolaryngologist, he concluded that with Reflexology treatments ear infections could be treated and cured in the early stages and problems in the upper respiratory system could be treated and subsequent surgery avoided through the use of foot and facial reflexology. He has also worked with cancer patients, particularly breast cancer, and with patients who suffered strokes, with very positive results.

António is enrolled in the Federal Council of Non-conventional Medicine and is recognized as a reflexology coach. It is his aim to further the recognition of this fantastic therapy and to continue to participate more actively in the study and dissemination of the same.